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The Dark Stanton – Prototype

Introducing the Dark Stanton - Prototype Fit - Slim Straight Denim - 13.5oz Kaihara Overdyed Wide Goods.  Top finish is Dark Indigo Thread - Black Hardware - Matte Black Finish I'm going to add these to the rotation and document how the denim breaks down. Any thoughts or comments are always welcome. Images in naturally sunlight to be posted soon.

Rogue Territory Custom Apron

Rogue Territory Aprons First Apron Project: I made this one for a professional photographer.  12oz wax coated overdyed Italian denim. Current Apron Project: 14.5oz Japanese Selvage (selvage I'm using in my newest production) White fabric is a vintage selvage duck canvas from WWII (i may have to make an apron entirely out of the canvas).  I'm really interested to see how this breaks in. More pics to come... Below are some apron pics I drew inspiration from: Vintage Apron Hercules Apron - Stanley and Sons Aprons Denim Apron Fincks Apron

Step 2 – Cut it up!

When cutting your denim you need to make sure that you know the cuttable width of the fabric before you get your markers made so get out your measuring tape.  Cuttable width refers to the width of your fabric.  In the case of selvage denim you're looking at anywhere between 29" - 33" this denim happens to 32.75" wide if you care to know. Cutting out the patterns may seem like an easy task but don't be fooled.  It takes time and skill.  If your fabric isn't cut correctly that will have a direct effect on the fit and overall look of the jeans.

Step 1 – So it begins…Production Round Dos!

I'm really excited about this newest offering.  All styles will be made out of new Japanese 14.5oz sanforized selvage denim from Nihon Menpu mills in Okayama.  It's super inky indigo denim with loads of character. This denim breaks down fantastically, amazing contrast guaranteed. I wanted to document a step by step blow by blow of what it takes to prep and actually go thru production on a small scale.  I apologize for the quality of the images most of them will be taken with my iPhone. Step 1 - Loading up the car and off to the cutters!

The Denim Debate has Launched!

Ryan Plett creator of you have broken the internet has created an amazing resource for denim aficionados and casual denim subscribers alike He brought together some great minds in the fashion world and the blogosphere to participate in a year long denim discussion. Each contributor is 'sponsored' by a brand and they will document the life of their jeans throughout the year. I have been fortunate enough to be able to sponsor Shaun Barneveld who is the creator of trimmed with gold above and port authority la both are really great resources for inspiration. All of the above including denimdebate are recommended reading this year boys and girls.

Rogue Territory @ Dutil

True we've been there for a few months now but I thought it'd be cool to give a proper shout out to my friends at Dutil. New inventory to be shipped in 2 weeks!

The Israel Pant

A few weeks ago I met up with the guys at in New York.  So we grab a couple beers and talk about, what else, denim.  Natan starts talking about how he's planning a trip to Israel this Summer and how he'd love to have a pair of selvage drop crotch chambray pants to wear.  We chat about design, have a few more beers and call it a night.  I get back to LA and all I could think about were those pants which we dubbed the "Israel pant" so naturally I drop everything I'm doing and get to designing aaaaaand this is what I came up.

Good Bye Old Friend

This manual single needle Singer machine has been with me from the beginning, but sadly she's not able to handle the work load anymore.  I'm looking for a good home for Betty if anybody is interested.  I will miss you Betty you were a great friend... XXX I must warn you that this next image is quite graphic viewers beware XXX

Rogue Territory Q+A w/

I Sat down with Nick over at to discuss Rogue Territory, Custom Jeans, and all things denim. Read more here.