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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The RGT Ar-G Trousers

The Ar-G Trousers - I made these pants a few days before I left on my trip to Argentina.  The buttons and patch are temporary (I'd like the buttons to be sewn on and the patch to be a smaller woven label) as is the center back seam which would normally be a feld seam (I was a bit lazy) anyway the fit is pretty much the same as the Stanton, but the leg opening may be a little bit smaller. Specs - Fabric - Khaki and Olive Green 11Oz twill - Pocket Lining - 8Oz Indigo Chambray - Continuous Fly (one piece)

The RGT Safari Shorts

I'm off to Argentina in a week and it's HOT there.  So I thought to myself, 'self, let's make some shorts for the adventure.'  So I came up with the Safari Shorts.  I love this German Raindrop Cammo so I couldn't go without making a pair with that fabric.  And for the second pair, I wanted to do something a little different (at least for me).  Brown corduroy and Japanese Selvage chambray...why not?  Love it?  Hate it?  Let me know!!!