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1) How do your jeans fit compared to (Brand X, Y, Z)? How do I choose the right size?

Honestly, we haven’t worn any other jeans but our own in years (can you blame us?!), so this question is difficult to answer and sizing will vary from brand to brand. Here’s a few easy steps to help ensure you get the correct size:

Step 1 – Lay a pair of your own jeans or pants down flat.

Step 2 – Measure across the front of the jeans or pants in the specified areas shown on the measurement table on each of our product pages. For reference, Thigh measurements are taken 1″ down from the crotch, and Knee measurements are taken approximately 13″ down from the crotch.

Step 3 – Compare your numbers with our numbers. For a step-by-step guide on how to take these measurements, please view our SIZING GUIDE.

2) Should I size down when purchasing raw denim? How much does raw denim stretch?

Most raw denim will typically stretch up to 1″ in the waist once you begin wearing them. On each product page, there is a “Size Tip” that outlines how much stretch you can expect, and how to size accordingly. Many customers size down to account for this stretching. You want your jeans to fit snugly in the waist when you first wear them, but you should be able to button them. If you can’t button them, go up 1 size.

3) What care instructions do you recommend for your products?

We recommend that you wash everything in COLD water and HANG DRY only. For denim, you can do a cold soak by filling a bucket, your washing machine, or bathtub up with cold water and soaking your jeans for approximately 30-45 minutes. You can choose to add a minimal amount of detergent in the water with minimal agitation (swish the jeans in the water a few times with your hands). Note: If you have a porcelain bathtub, the indigo may stain the tub, so you may want to soak in a washing machine or bucket.

4) Do I need to pre-soak the denim?

This is a personal preference, and it is not necessary to pre-soak raw denim. Our denim is sanforized (pre-shrunk) unless otherwise noted. Some customers choose to pre-soak raw denim to soften up some of the initial rigidness and to minimize some of the bleeding that occurs the first few weeks. Many customers do not pre-soak raw denim since it softens up and breaks in fairly quickly once you begin wearing them (few weeks). Note: Avoid sitting on white/light surfaces the first few weeks, indigo may bleed and stain furniture, car seats, etc!

5) What’s the difference between the Stanton and the SK?

Our Stanton style is a slim-straight, mid-rise jean where the leg is essentially straight from the knee down. Our SK is our “skinny” fit, but it is not a super-skinny jean. It tapers slightly from the knee down vs. the Stanton, with a slightly smaller leg opening than the Stanton. The rise on the SK is also slightly lower vs. the Stanton.


Yes, we offer free chain-stitch hemming on raw denim jeans only that are purchased directly through our website. Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer chain-stitch hemming for trousers. We are a small team and we do our hems in-house, and we currently do not have the bandwidth to support trouser hems.

If you would like us to hem your jeans, please make a note at Checkout with your desired inseam length. Please note that hemmed products are ineligible for Return/Exchange, so if you are unsure about sizing, you can always send us your jeans later for hemming, as long as you pay for return shipping. Return shipping will be $12 (domestic) and $30 (international), and we will email you an invoice to process payment for the return shipping. Please allow 3-4 additional business days to process your order if you have requested a hem.

**Though our denim is sanforized, it is always good to factor in up to 0.5 inch shrinkage in length that might occur after the first wash/soak. 

If you did not purchase your RGT goods directly from our website and would like us to chain-stitch your RGT jeans, the cost will be $30/pair (domestic) and $40/pair (international). This price includes return shipping back to you. If you would like to request this service, please email You must cover your own cost to ship your items that need hemming to us, we recommend using a trackable service as we are not liable for lost or undelivered packages.

7) Do you offer alterations such as tapering, patching, or darning?

No, we are not a tailor or alterations service company. We do offer hemming (see FAQ #6 above) but this is the extent of our services. Thank you for your understanding.


Yes, do not freak out if this happens to you. It does not mean that you have purchased an inferior-quality product either. It comes with the territory of wearing raw denim. Our friends at Rawr Denim put together a great article explaining what can cause blowouts, and how to prevent them. READ MORE


Yes, this bleeding (known as crocking) is normal and expected, especially with our signature 14.5oz Nihon Menpu indigo denim. This denim is 100% pure indigo dyed which gives it its unique deep indigo color, and one of the reasons we love this denim so much. You can experience crocking for several months, it really depends on how often you are wearing your jeans. Soaking does not necessarily minimize the crocking, the best way for the bleeding to subside is to wear your jeans frequently! Avoid sitting on light-colored surfaces, and be warned that indigo will transfer to sneakers, boots, belts, etc. (we don’t think this is a bad thing!)


Though we started off as a custom jeans company, we stopped offering this service in 2009 in order to focus on our ready-to-wear collection.

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