SK 14.5 OZ


FIT // Skinny Leg, Mid-Rise

DENIM // 14.5oz sanforized Japanese denim from Nihon Menpu mills.

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– Signature hidden pen pocket in back right pocket
– Signature “lasso” stich on back pockets
– Selvedge on fly and coin pocket
– Branded button on waistband
– Hand silk-screened pocket bag
– Single needle continuous stitch on waistband
– Belt loops sewn into the waistband
– Hand branded leather patch
– Handmade in downtown Los Angeles, Calif.


Measurements (in inches) taken flat, +/- 0.25″ tolerance natural to the production process.

Rogue Territory 14.5oz SK Sizing


This denim will stretch up to 1″ total in the waist once you begin breaking them in.


Wear your jeans often and wash only when necessary. Wash or soak in cold water with minimal detergent. Hang dry only.


  1. Suzie Rudloff

    I’m a big selvage fan, especially US companies and these are my favorite jeans. Being female, it’s hard to find a good pair of rigid jeans that fit great. Most of the companies out there doing women’s jeans for some reason, don’t know a woman’s body. The SKs are awesome for me. I do not have the curviest of bodies, so these fit a little lower on the waist and thinner in the legs. Mine have started to break in really nice, I went super tight with them at first. I even bought some Stealth SKs!

  2. Taylor Sacco

    I spent a number of years buying and trying out different brands and different fits of raw denim. I found these and never looked back. I’m not a particularly skinny dude (5’6 and 175-180), but the fit is exactly what I was looking for. The tapered fit provides a skinny leg opening without being too tight up top. The construction is absolutely top notch, the denim has a lot of character, and the little touches are great (like the partially lined back pockets and pen pocket). Oh, and that back leather patch just looks better and better with age.

    In June of this year I’ll hit two years of wearing these at least 4 days every week. With 1 machine wash, 1 ocean wash and a number of tub soaks, these babies have aged beautifully. They gave me the perfect mix of being nice and dark and rigid at first, and then aging into an impressively faded, insanely comfortable and soft pair of jeans. As sad as I am thinking about the day that I wear them into rags, I’m also excited to be able to buy a new pair and start all over again!

    If you’re debating about snagging a pair of these, stop. Buy them and they’ll become your new best friends.

  3. Bailey Rangel (verified owner)

    These are my first pair of Denim from Rogue Territory and I would have to say I absolutely love them. I’ve only had them for a few days now but they are some of the stiffest jeans but they start to break in right as you put them on. I have had multiple pairs of Raw Selvedge Denim but these are by far the best. The quality of the jeans are superior to any other pair of top quality Denim around. I can’t wait to get the fades going and have some of the coolest jeans in town. As soon as I finally break these bad boys in enough I will be buying another pair! They not only look super bad ass but they are also some of the nicest fitting jeans around.

    Don’t think about buying these jeans, just get them they will instantly change your outlook on denim!

  4. Nelson

    These are my first pair of Jeans from Rogue territory (SK 14.5 oz size 29), i’d easily give them a 5-star rating! The denim is quite beautiful and the construction is really beautiful. My previous raw denim was a pair of Unbranded so I have a very strong appreciation for all the little subtle details and pieces of craftsmanship Karl has placed into every bit of this pair. My only real problem with this pair is the taper between the thigh and Ankle, the waist fits great, the thighs are pretty good until the knee, too tight but i’m sure they’ll stretch (I hope) and my calves are definitely where I struggle trying to get this pair of jeans off. Tough to manage when that low down on your body is where the struggle is most intense. I hope this will stretch. I wish they had a fit (similar to the Rk) where you still got that 7″ taper but had more of an 8′ knee. But that is for my body type, I’ve decided to keep these and am highly looking forward to continual wear! I highly recommend these and hope my fit experience is helpful!

  5. Justin (verified owner)

    I have owned these jeans for a little over a year with about six months of actual wear. These jeans have broken in wonderfully. I probably should have sized up one to size for thighs instead of for my waist, but they have loosened enough to become comfortable. The denim has great character and they just keep getting better the more I wear them. The subtle slub yarns give the fabric a great texture. They aren’t the fastest fading jeans but the end result is well worth the time and effort. The weight is great for year around wear. I have worn them in 30 degree weather and in 90 degree weather. A true essential.

  6. JL

    I’ll preface with saying that I got mine in 2012 so things may have changed. I really wanted to love these, but within days of getting them the patch nearly came loose from the jeans completely. I don’t wear my clothes hard either. Most jeans lose indigo on stuff you own, that’s normal, but it didn’t seem to matter with these how long I had them or how many soaks they had, I got indigo all over everything: my Barbour jacket, my Schott jacket, my Archival Clothing bag, any sneakers, any shirt. The fit was okay, slightly vanity sized, but I really appreciate that RGT produces a wealth of sizes which isn’t common in smaller brands, I had the 27. They bagged out a little around the hips, try to buy them tight is my advice. The denim was wearable and not too stiff. The loops on the pockets are subtle and I like them. Not a big fan of the asymmetrical pocket shape, makes your butt look wide unless it’s tiny. I eventually sold them about a year later due to the crazy indigo loss. I’ve had lots of raw denim before, so I’m not overreacting. It took me a couple years before reconsidering RGT, but I like their shirts and jackets a lot. Not sure about the jeans, to be honest. Maybe they’re different now.

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