Feather Pendant // Bronze

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We're extremely proud of this piece, there's been a lot of history, processes and hands involved in the making of it. This pendant is inspired by the feather stencil logo that was originally designed for us by long time RGT supporters, Ben Deter and his wife Olen Amelia, and caste in downtown Los Angeles with the help of our friend and jewelry designer, Tyson Morgan. This pendant has a great weight and overall balance, and its versatile design can be used as a keychain or worn on a necklace. You really have to hold it in your hands to truly appreciate it. 

MATERIAL // Solid bronze

– Length is 2.5"
– Silver jump loop and nickel plated keyring
– Handmade in Los Angeles, Calif.

NOTE // Metals are malleable. It's possible that the quill of the pendant can twist slightly or bend if there's enough weight or force applied to it. But not to worry, you can bend it back by hand or with a pair of pliers.