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    16.75oz Heavy Weight Slub Selvedge SK – 4 months / 0 washes

    As we move into Fall we wanted to focus on introducing a heavier weight denim. This particular denim is 16.75oz selvedge denim made from pure indigo dyed ring-spun cotton, woven in Okayama, Japan. To test the wear and fading qualities of this denim, I have been wearing these pretty exclusively (about 5-6 times a week) for 4 months. In its raw state, this slub denim feels sturdy but not extremely rigid. This is due to a lighter starching process on the yarn before weaving, as well as a "looser" open-weave construction. The Warp yarn was spun irregularly to create a beautiful slubby texture throughout the denim, which has led to amazing vertical fading and contrast in very little time. NOTES - 4 months in: I've definitely been putting these jeans through a lot. Nothing extreme, but lots of sweaty 90+ degree days in the work shop, lifting boxes, rolls of denim etc. and they have only proven to get better with age. I have yet to see thinning in any of the high stress areas: knees, seat, crotch. The slub has really started to become more noticeable and the base color has maintained the original dark indigo color. There has been very little crocking (bleeding) that I've noticed and I would say that they've stretched about 0.5" in the waist. FIT: I wear a size 30 in my Stantons, which are pretty fitted from the start. I chose to go with a 31 in the SK to get the nice taper of the SK but wanted to keep a looser top-block. I'm not a fan of super tight jeans whether they be skinny or slim straight. I haven't hemmed these, so they're double cuffed with about a 31" inseam which gives me a little stacking. RELEASE DATE: We expect to have these available to most of our Stockists and on our site by mid-September 2014, retail price $245. By then I'll be about 8 months in and I will definitely post more updates before they are released. FINAL NOTES: I believe these are a great addition to our growing denim collection. I specifically chose this denim because it does not compete directly with any of our current offerings, not just in weight but in weave construction and base color. I can't wait for others to be as in love with this denim as I am! WORDS + IMAGES // Karl Thoennessen

    Rogue Territory 14.5oz SK Fades // 1 Year, 2 Washes

    A customer of ours, Andrew R., sent in his 14.5oz SKs to be hemmed awhile ago and needless to say, we were impressed by the amount of work he's put into these. NAME // Andrew R. LOCATION // Gainesville, Florida DENIM AGE // One year and two, almost three months HOW MANY WASHES // Two cold washes - one by hand, the other by machine FIRST WASH // First wash was after 11 months of consistent, nearly-daily wear NICKNAME // "Eugene the Raw Denim Jean" - coined by Andrew's girlfriend COMMENTS // 4 years ago we fell in love with this particular selvedge denim from Nihon Menpu. For this particular denim Nihon Menpu Mills vat dyes their own warp yarns with pure indigo dye in house. For us this was a level of commitment to the craft and their product that we have not experienced anywhere else.  By working with pure indigo dyes Nihon Menpu is ensuring that this denim will have a beautiful base color and that the indigo color will always vary slightly throughout the warp yarn due to the nature of the dying process. This will ensure that the denim will never be consistent and that is what we love about. We believe that each pair of jeans should be a unique and personal project and journey impacted by the wearer. Andrew's jeans are perfect example of this. The pure indigo gives amazing variation in color throughout the jean. The subtle slub in both the warp and weft yarn help the crosshatched texture in the weave to stand out but not dominate the overall look. It's all in the details.

    Collective Quarterly Issue 0 // Marfa, TX

    We had the fortunate opportunity to sponsor a fantastic new print publication called The Collective Quarterly, put together by our friends Jesse, Seth and Jay. The Collective Quarterly is a magazine about exploring. Each issue follows select craftspeople to an offbeat location, with the backdrop of the inaugural Issue 0 in Marfa, TX - a tiny West Texas town that is rich in modern art and architecture. They headed out with some talented and creative individuals, including our good friend/photographer/videographer extraordinaire Duncan Wolfe (who filmed our Paris elopement in 2012!). We outfitted the crew with some of our favorite Rogue Territory pieces, below are some inspiring images from the trip that capture what this magazine is all about: Exploration and Discovery. Issue 0: Marfa is available for purchase, or do yourself a favor and subscribe for a year's worth of enriching writing and imagery. WORDS // Leslie Yeung IMAGES // The Collective Quarterly