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    Keep The Trade Alive: “Spaghetti Western” Artist Series

    We were first introduced to artist William Godwin through some amazing illustrations he created for an exclusive release we did with Need Supply Co. called Wash Me Over back in the Spring of 2011. After meeting him in person and following his work through various outlets, we were convinced that we had to work with him again. For some time now we've wanted to incorporate our love for spaghetti westerns, the old west and gunslingers into original artwork that we could feature through several mediums. The concept fit perfectly with our Keep The Trade Alive artist series, and we knew William was the man to bring this concept to life. The "Old West" Concept in Detail // The artwork was specifically created for the pocket lining of our new tapered-leg fit, the Strider, that we'll be releasing this September in our signature 14.5oz indigo selvedge denim. It would tell the story of a outlaw gunslinger who is posted up in a town preparing to fight a gang of rogue bandits. William's artwork for the pocket bags blew us away, and we decided we had to showcase the graphics through a few special products, available on our site now. William has printed limited edition hand-signed and numbered 11" x 17" posters, and we're offering 2 new exclusive t-shirts that are printed on high-quality Velva Sheen t-shirts. We are huge fans of Velva Sheen tees and are excited to be able to work with them for this project. The best part of these Keep The Trade Alive projects is the creative process and the sharing of ideas in a truly collaborative nature. We asked William to document his creative process as he was working out his ideas, you can explore his process below. Enjoy! ------------- Working with RGT was a dream of mine for few years, so when Karl asked if I was interested in doing a project in the vein of the classic-spaghetti-western-cowboy-of-the-west, I was ecstatic. He really liked the drawings in my sketchbook, which was super refreshing and terrifying to hear. My sketchbook has no rules: its a “no pencils aloud”, no going back, Martial Law kind of place. The Wild West if you will. Stoked and terrified we set off. I started with some super scratchy sketches for the pocket bags; I didn’t want to work this stage too hard because I wanted to leave some fun for myself in the final. We decided to run with these ideas. This is where I knew it was going to be a stellar collaboration and knew he was going to trust me to just do my thing. Along with watching some good ‘ol Clint Eastwood movies and some other classics, I set up a drawing session / photo shoot with a friend of mine, who agreed to only pose for good beer and not my proposed $20 an hour. Luckily he had everything an authentic cowboy would have just hanging on the walls in his house “ which gun do you want me to hold?” There were about half a dozen to choose from.. This was the experimental stage. I thought maybe I could knock the entire drawing out from life, since  90% of my sketchbook is life drawings. I made 2 drawings from life, trying to add my own sort of feel and tone to the drawing and not just make a drawing of my friend. If anything, I was supplying myself with a vocabulary. I printed out some of my favorite poses and kept the life drawings along side me in hopes to keep some of the life from those drawings and just went at it in my Moleskine. The easiest thing to do is to overwork a drawing and lose what makes it special. I finished the drawing and made a much smaller drawing of some bandits / outlaws for the opposing pocket bag to tie in a little storyline. I immediately jumped into the hand drawn type with some Sumi and a brush. The texture that came through the type was totally accidental; oils from my hands causing the ink to pool and push away from the semi-porous paper. I loved it. From there it just grew organically into it's own thing and just experimenting with what canvas this artwork would lend itself best to. Easily the best collaborations I have been a part of. I was deeply grateful for a chance to work with RGT. Crossing my fingers for more. WORDS & IMAGES // William Godwin

    RGT Keep The Trade Alive Video

    Through collaborations and exclusive releases with friends and artists, we strive to bring an awareness to those who take pride in perfecting their trade. Keep The Trade Alive is our way of featuring talented craftsmen and women who inspire us through their passion and dedication to their creative fields. Our most recent project is a video we worked on with The Kindling Co. to showcase four Rogue Territory supporters who embody the Keep The Trade Alive spirit. FEATURING // Chris Jenkins (Monsters Outside) - wearing Desert Wash Supply Jacket, 14.5oz Over-Dyed Indigo Stanton Dr. Woo (Shamrock Social Club) - wearing Indigo Selvedge Canvas Officer Trousers Robert Siegel (RS Handmade) - wearing 14.5oz Stanton James Melinat (Reigns Studio) - wearing 15oz Stealth SK, Ridgeline Supply Jacket

    Rogue Territory Spring / Summer 2015: Featured Look

    Grey Japanese Chambray Short Sleeve Jumper Shirt We fell in love with this fabric and color the moment we saw it. The warm grey has a hint of green and beige undertones which makes this fabric standout against other more conventional grey fabrics, and allows it to be wearable with almost everything. The other standout qualities are the weight and irregular texture in the weave. Both give this fabric so much character, making this piece that much more special. 10oz Japanese Bronze Blue Line Selvedge Twill Officer Trousers We were immediately drawn to the warm Bronze color of this twill and the amazing royal blue thread color used for the selvedge ID. Both of these details make this fabric super unique, and the color of the selvedge compliments the Bronze color perfectly. The feel of this fabric is spot on for any season. Heavy enough so that the twill feels substantial but soft and comfortable right off the bat. All these details combine to make this trouser the perfect addition to anyone's wardrobe. Dark Supply Jacket - 13.5oz Japanese Indigo Warp x Black Weft Red Line Selvedge Denim We've been using this beautiful Indigo Warp x Black Weft denim for nearly 4 years, and we continue to be amazed by its fading potential. Though this denim looks super inky and near black in its raw state, because of the deep Indigo Warp x Black Weft, it quickly transforms into a deep rich indigo color with light wear. In addition to this great color, the warp yarn in this denim brings a subtle vertical slub to the denim which adds so much depth in character to this denim. It was a no-brainer to use this denim for our tried and true Supply Jacket. The application of black thread keeps the overall look of the jacket understated, allowing the fit of the jacket and the denim to speak for themselves. The details that make the Supply Jacket unique shine through only as the denim transforms and lightens in color. Pieces in this featured look include: Dark Supply Jacket - 13.5oz Japanese indigo warp x black weft red line selvedge denim Grey chambray short sleeve Jumper shirt - fabric from Japan Bronze Officer Trousers - 10oz Japanese blue line selvedge twill Salt Optics - James frame / Smoke Grey finish 70s Converse All Star Chuck '70s - Black Hi WORDS // Karl Thoennessen IMAGES // Leslie Yeung