FIT // Slim Straight, Mid-Rise

DENIM // 14.5oz sanforized pure indigo Japanese selvedge denim from Nihon Menpu mills.



– Signature hidden pen pocket in back right pocket
– Signature “lasso” stich on back pockets
– Selvedge on fly and coin pocket
– Branded button on waistband
– Hand silk-screened pocket bag
– Single needle continuous stitch on waistband
– Belt loops sewn into the waistband
– Hand branded leather patch
– Handmade in downtown Los Angeles, Calif.


Measurements (in inches) taken flat, +/- 0.25″ tolerance natural to the production process.

Rogue Territory 14.5oz Stanton sizing


This denim will stretch up to 1″ total in the waist once you begin breaking them in.


Wear your jeans often and wash only when necessary. Wash or soak in cold water with minimal detergent. Hang dry only.


  1. Ben Neuhaus

    1000 % Legit!!

    After years of wearing “premium” denim and being infinitely let down, underwhelmed and/ or dissatisfied with fit, construction, detail, etc. (and being on the hunt for the ever elusive slim/straight fit), I blindly purchased a pair of 14.5 oz Stantons from the RGT dot com, not able to try them on 1st since they weren’t available at any retailer in the town I was living in at the time. I’d done my research and due diligence for months prior to my purchase and knew I’d made the right choice, but I didn’t really KNOW until they arrived. The hand, details, and even the damn smell were unlike anything I’d experienced before–even with brands that were much more expensive. And this was all before I ever tried them on. The Stanton was exactly, unequivocally, and completely what I’d been chasing for so long. The top block and leg were spot on. They fit my frame perfectly, even my Popeye calves! The first jean ever I didn’t have to wrestle off my goddamn calves. But still a slim/straight, classic, timeless fit.

    These Stantons wear extremely well and take a serious beating. I wear jeans hard, and whereas every other pair I’ve ever owned have had to undergo serious repair at the six month mark, my Stantons were just showing wicked sweet character. I will absolutely get another several years out of them.

    RGT customer service is second to none. Both Karl and Leslie have been nothing but courteous and knowledgable, showing a level of professionalism and integrity that I’ve not experienced before with any brand ever.

    I’ve gotten so many compliments and inquiries on my Stantons it’s nuts. A few years in on my 1st Stantons, and I’ve expanded my Rogue Territory collection considerably, becoming a lifelong customer and unofficial brand advocate along the way.

    #treatyoself !!

  2. Ari Okonsky

    Like the weirdo above stated: “the smell” was incredible. Once I laid my nose on my first pair of Rogue Territory Stantons I knew I was hooked. However, I was infinitely more hooked on the fit and quality of the denim. I have run the gamut, owning almost 15 pairs of different denim brands at one point. I was trying to find the correct fit and quality standard, but nothing matches Karl’s standard of excellence. The Stanton has become my favorite jean in my wardrobe. It is the perfect slim straight fitting jean, as it is neither too tight or too baggy in any area of the pant. In addition to the wonderful fit, the jean wears in nicely and comfortably. I get asked all the time where my jeans are from. It is no wonder that so many people appreciate these pants. They ARE the best!

    Aside from the incredible pant itself, the customer service is top notch, and there is truly nobody else in the business who provides such outstanding customer support and connection with their customer base. Leslie and Karl go above and beyond the standard to provide this level of customer service.

  3. Josh Eck

    I’ll keep it short and simply say that the 14.5oz Stantons are hands down the greatest jeans I’ve ever owned. Fit, build quality, attention to detail, etc., all aces.

    And it doesn’t hurt that Karl and Leslie are super awesome, super down-to-earth folks who maintain a level of accessibility to their customers that is really rare in just about any industry.

    I’ll be a lifelong fan, customer and evangelist.


  4. Brett Atlas

    Not a more perfect jean on the planet. Fit is perfect. Detail is unparalleled. They look great brand new and they look great broken in. Selvedge taping when you flip up or roll the bottoms. Natural leather patch on the back. Oh, your jeans have those? How about that pen pocket in the back and the fade it wears in over time (even without a pen in it)? What about the white fabric that peeks out from the fly? It’s my favorite detail on any jean I’ve ever seen.

    Karl and Leslie are behind these and if you don’t know much about them, you should hit google. They ooze commitment and quality out of every pore and these jeans are the signature reflection of that.

    Support them and know that when you buy something with the Rogue Territory feather on it, you’re buying something treasured from people who really care about you as a customer.

    • rogue_admin (verified owner)

      Brett – thank you so much for the kind words and continued support throughout the years! We are grateful to have such loyal and amazing customers like yourself, it pushes us to do better and better!

  5. Matthew Gopee

    What can I say about these? Only that they are my favorite pair of denim. The only one I’ve been wearing for the past month. Details, construction, and fit are spot on! Never thought I could find a perfectly fitted jeans for my body type. And yes, that white fabric under the fly is my favorite part. I couldn’t believe how great raw denim is, and RGT does a great job making them.


    Continue the great work Karl and Leslie!

  6. Rob K

    If you are looking for premium denim that allows you to connect with both the product and the designer/manufacturer, then these are perfect for you. Read the reviews above; they all reflect that the reviewer feels emotionally connected to their jeans, and in most cases, the people who designed and made them.

    Objectively, the Stantons have all of the elements of the best premium denim jeans. The denim is beautiful, particularly the dark dye. The cut is modern, and the fit is as good as any jean in the market. There manufacturing is flawless. And the details are understated but elegant, particularly the back pockets and patch.

    Personally, I balked at spending $220 for a pair of jeans until I found a shop that carried these and tried them on. In doing so, I quickly determined that they ticked all of my boxes, and were obviously better than anything I had previously seen. The color and the weight of the denim are perfect, the cut and fit are perfect. The details are great. PLUS, it matters to me that these are made in the USA, and the manufacturer is a smaller player, thus making my jeans more unique.

    After owning the Stantons for a month, I couldn’t be happier with them. $220 well spent. And, surprisingly, I too have developed a connection with my jeans.

  7. Seth A

    These jeans are very impressive and extremely well made. The denim itself is a wok of wonder – and with the really top class workmanship of the tailoring this is money very well spent. I feel like I am walking around in a piece of art.

    As a non-fancy pants kind of guy I was concerned that the look would be a little too ‘pretty.’ But the unique detailing is actually subdued and elegant.


    These jeans are the best that I’ve had before. Free double stitch hem – an extra bonus when buying jeans. I use jeans only 1.5 months and I get a real pleasure and delight. These jeans are perfect for me. Fit is perfect. Sewing, details of the structure, color – all at the highest level. Many thanks to Leslie, for a lot of patience when dealing with me. Thank you for your understanding. Thanks for the help provided in the selection.

  9. David

    I am very new to raw denim. The only previous pair I have owned have been N&F weird guys which I had to give up after a while due to the low rise which I could not deal with. I must say, coming over to these 14.5oz Stanton’s was an absolute breath of fresh air. I freaking love everything about them; the rise is perfect and comfortable when sitting (No extra skin showing), the thigh was a little snug when i first got them (Squats) but after a few wears it relaxed and now sits comfortably, and the slight taper from the knee down is excellent as well. The detail on these jeans is awesome, the stitching, the smell, the leather patch, and the awesome freaking logo. My father was a tailor back in Russia and also commented on how well these bad boys are made. Long story short, I usually never leave reviews but these jeans are amazing. They are worth every penny in my opinion, and I am looking forward to rocking these bad boys as much as I can. Thank your Karl and Leslie for some kick ass jeans, and for your help answering my questions prior and post purchase! Keep up the great work!

    -Also for some general fit help for those who need it, I ordered a size 34
    -I am 6’4 210 pounds with 25 inch thighs. I wanted to order a size 33 but didn’t want to risk the upper block being too tight. Luckily these 34’s fit nice and comfortable around the waist with a little room to spare (nothing a belt cant solve), but the upper thigh fits my legs very well and after a few wears has already relaxed a bit.


  10. matt (verified owner)

    I will just add my two cents and pretty much say the same things that have already been said in previous reviews. I have owned several different brands of entry level to higher end selvedge jeans over the years (Unbranded, Gustin, Iron Heart, Oni, Railcar, Skull, etc…) and while I love all of those brands and will continue to purchase from most ofthem, I have to say that the RgT Stanton fit is my favorite fit out of all of them. I will also say that the fabric on these 14.5 oz Stantons is fantastic. These are a great pair of jeans that rank right up there with the best of the Japanese brands, no doubt.

    The only reason I gave these four stars instead of five is because of the hidden back pen pocket which I could do without and will sometimes get in the way of getting my wallet in and out, and the back pocket design (the stitched loop on the sides of each pocket) is not my favorite. These are two very minor knocks IMO and in no way do they stop me from recommending them or continuing to purchase them. were it not for those two things they would five stars easily.

    bottom line, the best fit I have to date and a great fabric.

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