"Sashiko Pack" Exclusive Release

We're back with another amazing collaboration with William Godwin. This project, dubbed "Sashiko Pack", was inspired by our love of this amazing indigo-dyed 16oz plain weave cloth, featuring the traditional sashiko stitch, produced at renowned Nihon Menpu Mills in Okayama, Japan.


The original artwork that William brought to this project is inspired by the rich history and artistry of the art form known as Sashiko. In the illustration you see a worker fiercely stitching the fabric in front of him. This action is inspired by the arduous craft while bringing an element of martial arts inspired by our love of Manga (Japanese comics) and Anime.


Stanton & SK - $275 // Type III Jacket - $345


Releasing Friday, Dec 8th at 9AM PST in limited quantities.


Sashiko has long been used by workers and artists across Japan as both an art form and for function. "Sashiko" (which literally means "little stabs") is a form of decorative reinforcement stitching that comes from using a consistent running stitch, bonding multiple pieces of fabric to strength and reinforce thin or torn areas.

The application of the sashiko stitch on the "Sashiko Pack" garments has 2 functions. The first is decorative, the second is for reinforcement. The doubled-yarn running stitch acts as a barrier which buffers direct contact to the base fabric. Since the sashiko stitch will have the most contact with surfaces, over time you'll get a great contrast from the sashiko stitch and the base fabric.


This is a 16oz indigo-dyed fabric. It has a nice weight to it, but it softens up quickly because of the loose weave needed to allow the running stitch application without damaging the fabric. A light layer of resin has been applied to the top and bottom of the fabric to control the dye. Initially, there will be a sheen to the top of the fabric. With wear, this becomes a little bit more prominent, but will ultimately subside. As this is an indigo ring-spun yarn, you can expect average crocking or bleeding of indigo.

NOTE: Take care when around light colored furniture, car seats, walls etc. as indigo will transfer.


As stated above, there is little break-in period. We recommend sizing the same as you would in our other raw denim. This fabric will stretch up to 1.5" in the waist, there is minimal to no stretch through the lower leg. If the leg (thigh and calf) are not a concern for you, and you have some room to give in these areas, you could consider sizing down since this fabric will stretch in the waist a bit more than average. As always, review the sizing charts before you make your purchase.

Stanton Sashiko Sizing

Stanton Sashiko Sizing

SK Sashiko Sizing

SK Sashiko Sizing

Type III Jacket Sizing

Type III Jacket Sashiko Sizing


Before I started wearing my SKs and Type III Jacket, I did a 30 minute warm water soak and hung them to dry outside in direct sunlight. The results are amazing! As the fabric soaks, the resin is removed from the fabric, which allows the yarn to absorb the water completely, causing the yarn to expand. You'll notice that the sashiko stitch becomes more raised, resulting in even more texture!

With a soak, you will find that the fabric is initially super rigid, but it softens almost immediately after you put them on. The fabric will stretch faster than if you wore them raw (un-soaked).

Post-soak, shrinkage is minimal (about half a size, but you'll get this back once you start wearing it again).

Treat this fabric as you would your other raw denim. Wear often, spot clean with cold water when you spill stuff on yourself, cold water soak with minimal detergent and light agitation when you need to wash the whole garment. Hang to dry.

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